“Involute , Evolute Curves”


Behind the Art that inspires us and the beauty of the Natural World that enthralls us are the ordering principles of mathematics.The tapestries in the “UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE” series attempt to not only be illustrative of geometrical principles and the beauty of mathematical ideas but also to enhance the viewers appreciation of the same through bold color and graphic and dynamic forms that can hold their own as works of art.

Graphic constructs of pure color.

This series of Tapestries ranges from visual representations of the Pythagorean Proof


“Chinese Pythagorean Proof

” Pythagorean Proof,Special Case” 

“Pythagorean Proof”

(a2+b2=c2 )                                                                                      which is used continually today in such things as finding distance by triangulation,  through Dynamic Symmetry (a series of rectangles resulting from the Pythagorean proof and having irrational numbers, thought to have spiritual properties, as their basis),

to the Golden Mean

“Golden Mean Spiral”

and Root Spirals.

“Root 2 Spiral”

The Golden MeanRectangle is a  special type of dynamic rectangle that people especially respond to because its mean and extreme ratio of parts to the whole is built into our bodies! , as well as in other natural forms.

And continuing to the Fractal images,

“Apollonian Gasket Fractal”

“Koch Snowflake Fractal”

“Cantor Dust Fractal #1”

“Grossman Truss Fractal”

of today’s modern mathematics .  By show casing the mathematical principles behind good design, be it natural or manmade, I hope to not only create beautiful art but also to reawaken in the viewer the wonder and appreciation for the beauty inherent in mathematics.

Straight line Spiral 40″x40″