%22Baravelle Spiral, rusts& golds  %22 private residence, ABQ NM 68%22x40


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Commissions are a special joy for Donna Loraine.   She loves the challenge of building a piece for a collector, meeting their aesthetics and needs with her  talents.    Her pieces have been commissioned by Governments, Businesses, Churches and a number of amazing individuals.  Her work has more than doubled in value so far in her careeer, making it not just a dramatic and enduring element to enhance a home or business, but a solid investment as well.

Mathematicians and  Scientists!  Would you like to have your concept or idea rendered in a tapestry?  You now have the unique opportunity to own a visual representation of what you have spent years doing.   Donna Loraine has created many  tapestries based on mathematical and scientific concepts.  In 2014, she is reaching out to mathematicians and scientists to collaborate in creating  visual models of complex and beautiful constructs.  She is intrigued by the idea of representing your work in a tapestry  , whether it is DNA chain or a Mathematical proof.  Her recent work was highlighted in 2013 in both the American Craft Magazine and the Scientific American Magazine , both showing her tapestry entries into the BRIDGES Art and Math Exhibit . You can bring your knowledge and passion to bear in a piece that will be a beautiful work of art just for you.   Because this will be *your* piece, you can commission it to reflect your specific size and color requirements.   If you have a life’s work that you would love to see rendered in this astonishing art form, please contact Donna Loraine to discuss it further.

5x7 commission weyrich jeff riley

Architectonic Shrine Series, 5′ x 7′, commission through Weyrich Gallery

Selected Commissions and Private Institution Installations

2016  Architectonic Shrine Series, commission through Weyrich Gallery

2000-2011  9 commissions , 9 Private Residences

1999 Four Tapestries, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Albq. N.M.

1996 Four Tapestries, Dental Offices, Byron Wall, D.D.S.Albq. N.M.

1996 Two Tapestries, First State Bank, Bernallilo, N.M. branch.

1995 Tapestry, Tryptich, Private Residence, Albq., N.M.

1993 Tapestry, 16’ Atrium installation, office building , Albuquerque, N.M.

1992 Tapestry, Private Residence Florida

1991 Two Tapestries, Conference Room, Sutin, Thayer, and Brown, attnys.

1991 Tapestry, Private Residence Santa Fe. NM.


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