Donna Loraine Contractor offers intensive, one-on-one tapestry classes in her Albuquerque, New Mexico studio.  Scheduling is based on student need.  Length of classes is usually four days to produce a 13″ x 13″ to 17″ x 17″ square piece of art, not a sampler. Price of classes is $125, plus a $40materials fee. Book now for this price in 2023. If you wait until the Fall of 2023

the price per day for classes will be $130/day and the materials fee goes to $45. Room rates are increasing too so book now before September 1st 2023 for classes and rooms at the lower prices!

Here is a testimonial from Donna’s most recent student, ( He took a 4 day class, 3 and 5 day are also available, and stayed in the room for rent)

“Recently I finished the 4-day class with Donna Lorraine Contractor in Albuquerque, NM.

What an awesome experience.I am a beginning tapestry weaver – having woven only a few pieces – and came to Donna with a long list of questions.She totally customized my time with her – answering all my questions and some questions that I did not even knowto ask. We covered everything from color theory, design, warping, straight edges, tapestry techniques and finishing techniques

Some classes leave you wondering where to start and what to do when you get back home. Not this class.I came away from the class with lots of confidence that I could use to improve my weaving when I got home.Donna even helped me plan my next steps at home to continue practicing the new skills I learned in the class.   It was not too little or too much information, just exactly right.During the course of the class, I got hands-on experience with my own small sample weaving.This was exceptionally valuable for me to develop some really important good habits.At the same time, Donna was showing me the real production techniques that she uses on her floor loom.

If you want to weave faster and better, Donna can show you how it is done.I can not be more pleased with Donna’s patient and thorough instruction and generous hospitality.She is truly a world-class weaver, with more than 20 years of experience in production weaving and teaching.The class was held in her studio and I stayed in the guest room only a few steps away.  You can’t beat the location and price.

I would whole-heartedly recommend her tapestry classes to everyone .  I am already planning my next class.”

-Jon Chowning-

img_4850img_4851img_4853Rooms are for rent on site: single room is $55/night, or two rooms for $95/night.  Includes shared bath, shared kitchen, in the heart of Nob Hill.  Close to fine dining and shopping, including evening entertainment, organic groceries, and more.  Don’t want to rent a car? Donna will provide transportation from airport. Prices are increasing starting September 1st 2023 to $60night and the suite of two rooms will be $100

Study with a buddy!  Bring a friend to learn with and receive 10% off your class fee.

You will learn to:

  • Weave straight edges
  • Make crisp diagonals in your tapestries
  • Use the beater bar on your floor loom
  • Weave faster and better

Donna will create personalized instruction based on student level and concerns.  You will learn more about color and design theory, and you will have access to her extensive library.

Email Donna to book your reservation today: